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  • What is E-Design?
    An E-design service is similar to a typical interior design service but everything is done virtually! One of the main benefits is that you save money on design fees by putting in a little bit of work (measuring, purchasing, and installing). If you're a bit DIY savvy and mostly need some direction on how to pull your room together, then E-design is a perfect choice.
  • How long does a typical E-Design take?
    Once I've received your questionnaire along with photos and measurements of the room, please allow up to two weeks for the final deliver.
  • Can I change my design once it's been delivered?
    After you have used your revisions and your design has been completed and delivered, you can change or update your design for an additional fee. Please contact me for additional information.
  • Which places do you shop for furniture and home accessories?
    Please see here for a list of all the places I shop for furniture and accessories.
  • Do I purchase the items myself?
    That is totally your preference! If you would prefer to do the purchasing yourself, I will send you links to purchase. If you would prefer I order the items for you, I can handle all of the item tracking at no additional charge. I do get a small designer commission if I purchase the items directly, but that is paid out by the vendors so you pay nothing more. I never charge you over retail price.
  • What if an item in my shopping list is no longer in stock online?
    If the item is out of stock within 14 days of your design delivery, I will suggest two replacements at no additional cost. If the item is out of stock past 14 days of your design delivery, I can find a replacement item for a small fee. Please contact me for more info.
  • Can I purchase an e-design package as a gift?
    Yes you can! Please contact me for additional information.
  • What does “Simela” mean?
    Simela is a blend of the names of my two biggest motivators in my life, my children, Simeon and Mila. It also happens to be an anagram of my last name!


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